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Have you ever tried looking for an item but was frustrated by too many or not the correct results?  The solution for this problem is to use Filters.  Filters are a great way to drill down to the specific item you are looking for by eliminating choices and narrowing the selection provided. By the end of this post, you should excel at using filters and find you can navigate our site quite quickly with them.

Where are the filters?

Filters can be found on nearly every page where multiple products are displayed.  The two most common places are the search field and the top navigation bar.  After those locations, for desktop users, you can find more filters on the left side of the screen and open by default. For mobile devices the filters are above the products inside a closed dropdown labeled “Click here to filter your search”.

What are the options?

After locating the filters on any given page you may find options you can select.  The first option is usually a price range slider. With this feature you can set a minimum and maximum price by sliding the controls accordingly.  After “price range”, the options will vary depending on the product you have displayed. Generally options list as follows: Price, Category, Type, Brand, Model, Material, Weight, Length, Width, Color, Thread Type, and Additional Options.  If the product displayed does not have a filter value applied, the option will not appear. For the most part, filter names are fairly self explanatory. However there are a few which might require clarification.  Category is one such filter that may only be found when doing a search from the search bar.  Category is designed to be the most broad filter which mirrors our top navigation menu (Darts, Dartboards, Accessories, Shafts, Flights, Etc).  Type is similar to Category in that it follows the top navigation menu except it also displays second level elements. Using Darts as an example-Type would be Steel Tip, Soft Tip, Etc. The last one which may require extra clarification is Additional Options.  The Additional Options filter is designed to provide details on items that are more product specific.  One example of this is the ability for flights to be displayed as printed (Has a graphic) or plain (no graphic, flat color).  With this option, someone has the ability to view only plain colors if they wish.

How to use the filters

Generally, filters are fairly straightforward: You check a box, then the “Apply Selection” button which results in displayed items corresponding to your selection.  However, there are some points to keep in mind to get the best results. It is recommended that you apply changes to one filter type (ie: Brand, Model, Material) before making changes to a different filter type. Sometimes the selection made in one will remove options selected in another and thus return no results.  Also, to remove filters, you can uncheck boxes and click “apply selection” or to the right, above the products under the header “Current Selected Options” you can remove one or all there by clicking the red ‘X’.

We hope you found this post informational. As always, we welcome any comments or suggestions from you-our valued customers!

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