Website Navigation – Mastering The Wish List

In this article we will discuss the wish list feature on the website.  We think you will find the wish list to be a useful tool when shopping with  

What is a wish list?

A wish list is a collection of desired products that are saved on account signifying interest without immediate intent to purchase.  That’s great… but what does that mean exactly? Basically, you add items you are interested in and save this list for convenience.  There is no pressure or timeline to purchase.  You can make multiple wish lists and save them under different names.  Reason for this would be-if you are looking at five or six different darts and want to think on them and make a purchase on payday-save these models on a wish list to revisit at the time you want to purchase.  Same with accessories like flights and shafts.

Where is the wish list?

You will find the wish list section once you click on the “My Account” tab. In order to access this page, you must have an account. If you do not have an account, you can create one here:   After you log in, locate the Account tab (Tap triple horizontal bar in top left if mobile, or account button next to cart for desktop).  Once inside the account section locate the button labeled “View wish list”.

How to create a wish list?

Once you are on the wish list page, you will see a “Create a wish list” button and a field for previously created wish lists. (If this is your first list, you will have no saved wish lists).  Now click the “Create a wish list” button.  On the next page you will see three fields, Title, Notes, and Public checkbox.  In the Title box enter the name you want to call your wish list.  For example, you may want to call one Darts (for any darts you have been thinking about purchasing) or Birthday list (for items you want to receive as a birthday present).  The Notes box allows you to add extra information about your wish list. The checkbox Public-check only if you want someone else to view your wish list.  Leave this field unchecked when you want your wish list to be visible only to you. Next click the “Save” button and you have created a wish list!  Next, just add product to your wish list. To add product to your wishlist, go to an item and click into the details page. There you will see the quantity, red add to cart button and a button to the right “Add to wish list”. Select the quantity you want on this item and click the “Add to Wish List” button. Your item will automatically add to your newly created wishlist. 

Tips on using the wish list feature

A short cut for adding product to your wish list would be to add all items to your cart (including desired quantities) then click the “edit cart” button. Once on this page you can select the “Move all to wish list” button. However, this will only move these items to a wish list you have already created. So if this is a new wish list you want to create-you must go through the steps in the Account tab/Wish list to create first.

Public Checkbox: A great feature of the wish list is you can make your list public and share with friends and family. Be sure to check the “Public” box and give them the list name. They can go to the site and click “wish list”. In the “Find a wish list” field, they will type your wish list name and then search. On the next page they click your list name. The following page will show your items from which they can add to their basket for their purchase. They will not need to create an account to purchase from your wish list.

We hope you found this article helpful. Please leave feedback if we might have missed anything!

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