Understanding the Blackjack table layout

Have you ever thought about having a friendly Blackjack game at your home, but have no clue on how to lay out the cards? Have you ever wanted to learn how to play blackjack? In this blog we will help you with understanding the blackjack layout.

Well, you are not alone. Although Blackjack is the most played casino game in the world, most people do not know exactly the game table layout. Yet it is fundamental in order to play efficiently and grasp the rationale of the game, even in online blackjack.

For those who are complete beginners but fancy we found this website: CasinoRange. It tells you everything you need to know and explain clearly how to play blackjack, do not hesitate to have a look! To understanding the blackjack layout you will need to know what to look for.

In a real casino, the blackjack table is approximately three by five feet ( 90cm x 150 cm), semi-oval and covered in green felt. The green felt usually has the payoff for the game printed on it, as well as the curved insurance wager betting line, the casino logo and the betting positions for the six or seven players as well as for the dealer. The latter has an assigned position, behind the chip rack.

Blackjack dealers shoe

Where Are The Cards?

To his left, you will find a dealing shoe, and a discard tray to his right. In the old times, the shoe was made of wood. You may still find some in more luxurious establishments, but recent versions are usually made of plastic.

Sometimes, you will find a shuffling machine instead of a shoe. Typically, the shoe holds between one and seven decks. Before the game starts, the dealer spreads out the cards in the deck.

Somewhere near the dealer, you should be able to find a listing of the rules at this table. They can also be printed on the green felt table, between the insurance line and the dealer. These rules generally cover the “soft 17” situation, meaning whether the dealer hits or stands on soft 17 (i.e. an ace and any combination of 6).

You can even get your very own Blackjack table without touching your savings account! You can actually buy a green felt carpet for your table and hold your own games like in a real Las Vegas casino!

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