Trick or Treat

Happy Halloween! Trick or Treat

This October, we want to TREAT our customers in our Trick or Treat event!! When you find this Jack-o-Bunny on our site, be sure to click on it and add your treat to your cart.

Our Jack-o-Bunny will be located somewhere on our website. HINT: Look for unique pages. Also note – it will not be in the same place all the time. Plus, it won’t be located on a specific product page, but it could be in a specific category. So be on the look out!

Things to know for the Trick or Treat event: Limit 1 per order. Any quantity above 1 will charge you $5 per item. If you find that you have more than 1, please edit your cart and click “Remove”. You can add this free item for each order you submit. There is no minimum purchase requirement, but you must purchase at least one item to get the free Treat. Your free Treat can vary from order to order and/or week to week. So do not expect your Treats to be the same the entire month!

Additionally, You can now find some spook-tastic items by typing “Halloween” into the search bar.

Happy Halloween! Have fun Trick or Treating!

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