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Introducing the Target Elysian 7 Limited Edition 7th Edition (Generation 7) darts! That means the Elysian dart is 7 years in the making and as usual, it’s limited to 200 steel tip sets and 200 soft tip sets only worldwide. This helps with the idea that Elysian darts every year are a special and limited showpiece – not a standard commercial darts product.

The Elysian Origin Story

The original idea and still the main idea is that Elysian is Target’s concept dart (like a concept car). Each year, they want to do something completely different than what the entire darts market has presented to us thus far. For Target, the Elysian is a showpiece of what they can do and really what the limitations of darts manufacturing are the year it comes out.

Target Elysian 7 Darts | Review | Jen Mounts

What's in the video?

Jen Mounts gives you an in-depth review and unboxing of the brand new Target Elysian 7 darts. She covers several key features like overall concept, manufacturing, design and grip intensity. Let’s break down each aspect and elaborate a little:


This year’s design theme was inspired by Space, so naturally the front of the presentation box gives you a sort of 5th dimensional feel sending us beyond space and time into the unseen. The color scheme of the barrels is a futuristic and striking combination of black and silver - a huge contrast to last year’s very vibrant colorful darts.

Target Elysian 7 Presentation Box
Target Elysian 7 Darts on their sculpture stand


Each individual barrel is formed from a 95% tungsten barrel and undergoes 55 minutes of high precision CNC milling. Two sculptured grip areas that are completely unique to anything previously attempted before. So that’s almost 3 hours just on the machine to create an entire set. That doesn’t include coating, assembly or packaging. The R&D going into the Target Elysian 7 darts is absolutely massive.

Target Elysian 7 Darts Milling
Target Elysian 7 Darts R & D

You’ll notice a graduation from light to darkness on the Target Elysian 7 darts- Target accomplished this by finishing each section using silver, grey and black PVD coatings to create the different shades.

Back Half

Be sure not to confuse the black section in the very rear with the actual barrel, it’s a part of the Carbon TI shaft.

The exclusive Target Elysian 7 shaft itself features complex milling & PVD performance coating for additional grip & feel.

The back section consists of a uniquely sculptured grip area that is unlike anything previously attempted out there. It’s slightly more aggressive than the front. Just a little more bite going up and down.

Target Elysian 7 Back Half of the barrel

Front Half

Moving on to the front half separated by silver central rings. Slightly more bulbous towards the front – the overall dart has a nice taper backward.

The front grip will help prevent the barrel from rolling in your hand too much. But it’s smoother up and down – like I said slightly less aggressive than the rear grip.

Target Elysian 7 Front Half of the barrel
Grip Intensity of Target Elysian 7 Darts:
Grip Intensity:

We rate the overall Grip Intensity of the Target Elysian 7 barrels to be a 3 out 5. Keep in the mind the front half is ever so slightly less aggressive than the back half.

Swiss Point

An important new feature to note is the fact that this is the first Elysian dart that has ever been fitted with Swiss Point. In particular, the Target Elysian 7 steel tip dart is fitted with a Swiss Point Nano – allowing you to swap out for your preferred point of choice.

When you purchase a set of Target Elysian 7 Steel Tip Darts, you’ll receive an exclusive Elysian 7 Swiss Point Tool.

The Target Elysian 7 Soft Tip Darts are dressed in a black pixel tip and come with Swiss Point Nano conversion points.

What's included in the Target Elysian 7 presentation box

People like to store their Elysians, collect them and show them off – so the presentation box never disappoints each year. We upgrade yet again in year 7 as you’ll receive for the first time a beautiful display sculpture where your Target Elysian 7 darts get to sit in the provided acrylic piece. Below the acrylic piece is a metal base that displays your unique set identifier showing you what number out of 200 sets you purchased. Target was trying to create the illusion of that extra dimension with this sculpture – I think they nailed it.

Target Elysian 7 Darts Steel Tip and Soft Tip

Target Elysian 7 Darts

Whether you're a collector, you want a showpiece to display or you actually want to throw these darts - grab a set while you can! A limited run of 200 sets of steel and 200 sets of soft tip Target Elysian 7 darts have been made catering to a worldwide audience.

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Target Elysian 7 - Final Thoughts

When you really try to comprehend the full process of manufacturing Elysian darts, the idea is that it should seem almost impossible to pull off. In essence, a design that pushes the boundaries of Target’s machines, their designers and marketers. 

We hope you enjoyed our review! Keep in mind we can always expect Target to introduce elements of the Elysian 7 barrels in time to other ranges and certain Player’s darts. So be on the lookout for that and enjoy the rest of the entire Target 2021 Launch!

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