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Target Launch 2020 is here and has certainly differentiated itself from previous launches with fresh, innovative designs. Year after year, Target Darts creates huge anticipation and excitement for their new products from darts enthusiasts all around the world. Despite Covid-19, 2020 has been no exception with the impeccable craftsmanship we’ve seen. If you missed their online virtual launch, never fear – this blog will explain everything you need to know about the new products and all they have to offer!

Let’s begin with the elusive annual Elysian darts – generation 6! Target began a uniquely special limited edition high end dart six years ago called the Elysian since their headquarters address is literally on Elysian House, Lovet Road in England. Every year Elysian has a different theme with the objective of displaying Target Darts culmination of years of vision. Further, they represent huge innovation and charismatic thinking from the design team and engineers. Machining of the grips are incredibly precise and absurdly intricate.

This year, the Sixth Edition Elysian darts are Target’s homage to Japan. Everything from the Box design to the barrels themselves are based on Japanese culture – the way they live, what they value, what their architecture looks like and how their technology has advanced to surpass the world around them. The front end has a hexagonal shape and pattern milled in and almost embodies the look of a mountain range. The back section is incredibly eye catching with it’s individually milled cages and unique markings within each little cage that look similar to Japanese characters. You’ll notice these markings also etched into the exclusive Elysian TI shafts as well.

Get a Closeup Look With Our Unboxing & Review Video

As you can see, an incredibly beautiful product. Target has kept the Elysian a super rare, limited edition and small run of only 200 sets for steel tip and soft tip. Instead of getting greedy as the years pass and maximizing in profits from a run of say 500 to 1000, they’ve kept the exclusivity and completeness of having something so special, as this dart clearly markets to a very small population of Target Darts enthusiasts and collectors. Considering their rarity, we recommend purchasing as quickly as possible if you are dedicated to becoming one of the 200 possible owners world-wide (steel or soft).

Elysian Sixth Edition Purchase Options | A-ZDarts

What's Included in the Presentation Box

The 975 range gets it’s name from the literal percentage of tungsten these bad boys are made of – 97.5%. This new range definitely shows what Target Darts can do as a brand. They continue to push boundaries and exceed expectations in what they create which is evident in the 975 – the highest density of tungsten they’ve ever come out with. A lot of people probably don’t realize the difference in density and quality when you go from 97% to 97.5% tungsten – it’s immense!

They are truly a vision of engineering excellence! The hexagonal cell grip in front and back was inspired by the fourth edition Elysian. The intricately milled cell grip in particular takes a very long time to machine, therefore we are dubbing the 975 range as a pretty high end design that offers an incredibly solid grip/feel because of the detailed machining. This grip is offset by contemporary radial grooves in the center and rear giving players nice reference points and finished with a stunning overlay of black titanium nitride coating. 

975 Barrels | A-ZDarts Raffle

Target 975 A-ZDarts Raffle Winner

Congratulations to Matthew W. who won a set of Target 975 Darts. A-ZDarts shoppers entered the raffle by purchasing a set of Target Orb darts (1 Set = 1 Entry) during the month of October, 2020. Matthew had his choice of either soft or steel tip of the 975 darts range. Be sure to follow us on social media so you don’t miss out on future raffles @MagicDartsInc.

What's Included in the 975 Presentation Box

Something very important to point out is that the 975 Steel Tip Range is manufactured with the Swiss Point interchangeable point system allowing you to switch point length, style and color in seconds with just the pocket-sized Swiss Point tool. Also included in this set is the new Swiss Premium Key that is beautifully engineered from zinc alloy and 2 total sets of black swiss Points (1 set dressed on the barrels and 1 additional set for backup).

What is Swiss Point? Watch our Video Review

If you’re looking for more information on Swiss Point technology click the following to read our blog – Steel Tip Game Changer: Target Swiss Point.

Target darts has come out with a new Premium Swiss Key is made using metal casting with a PVD coating. This keyring Swiss Point tool is all you need to remove and install your points in seconds. 

Swiss lovers now have a much heavier, more durable zinc alloy key to choose from if they want to purchase separately or automatically get the upgrade if they purchase a set of 975s, Power 9Five G7s, RVB G3s or Voltage G2s.

They heavier tool should be much easier to keep track of and notice if it ever falls off your darts case or wherever else you keep it chained to.

There are so many added features and value to this range – apparent by the massively impressive presentation box designed for the 975 (about 2x the size of a Daytona Fire box). One of the coolest aspects of this range is you get an exclusive limited edition Takoma dart case/wallet with a striking acid yellow pattern. The 975 Takoma case is only available within the 975 range – cannot be purchased separately.

Target 2020 Launch - 975 Promo

It’s no surprise that this range has been equipped with elevated flights and shafts as well. 975s have been upgraded to Carbon Ti shafts which are made from combining high performance materials, titanium and carbon into one unique system. Finally, the 975 design flights are dual sided Pro Ultra Flights with a matching 975 pattern. Also included in this set is a Target Darts pin badge that is uniquely designed.

975 Purchase Options | A-ZDarts

The Echo range is made for the soft tip player, focusing on a range of barrel shapes, weights and grips which offer the perfect balance for soft tip throwers. Target really did their home work as we see long straight barrels and aggressive grip options in this range (very popular in the U.S. for soft tippers). This range is particular exciting to us because traditionally barrel manufacturers build all of their darts as a steel tip dart first, then simply chop the end off and call it a soft tip dart. 

Target decided to do something brand new this year and really look out for the soft tip players’ best interested by offering a wide selection of a soft tip focused and exclusive range. The soft tip market grows every day and it’s nice to be appreciated from time to time. Target Darts must have wanted to prove that they are a brand looking out for them and they have succeeded. 

Echo Range | Key Features

The matte grey painted grooves against the Black PVD coated barrel makes for a very stealthy cool looking range. The barrel designs are specifically fixed on having optimum barrel balance for soft tip throwers as well as a seamless fit between your barrel and Target pixel tip. They are hand sandblasted to offer enhanced grip and a distinct matte texture. 

Target 2020 Launch - Echo Promo

You’ll notice quite a few different design options in here. A nice wide range of barrel shapes and grip design for all soft tip darts players’ abilities. There is two purely straight barrels with various reference points for grip in versions 11 and 12, then a center scallop shape for version 13, and finally a front loaded variation with Echo 14. All 90% quality tungsten darts with 2 weight variations for each version.

Echo Purchase Options | A-ZDarts

Let’s move onto to another totally new Target Darts range – the 80s neon and retro vibe we’re getting from the Orb darts! Reminds us of California and Miami here in the states. A very fun looking barrel and color scheme that would make a great Christmas gift as an 80% tungsten economical range. The orb would make a good gift for someone who is beginning to take the game a little more serious and looking for a nice dart.

For these reasons, we have chosen the Orb to be our Dart of the Month! Head on over to our website to see a 360° view of the Target Darts Orb Version 02 Steel Tip. When you order any set of Orb Darts now through October 31st you are automatically entered into our 975 Darts Raffle. 1 set = 1 entry. You also will receive a free goody bag since the Orb darts are a qualifying tungsten Target darts purchase.

Orb Range | Key Features

This range is full of great balance and design featuring an extensive variety of barrel shapes, weights and designs suiting all throws and techniques. The Orb barrels consist of contemporary radial grooves and electric blue streaks of color throughout- a very interesting color scheme! You have simply have loads of options to choose from (3 steel tip variations and even 3 soft tip variations in multiple weight options).

Target 2020 Launch - Orb Promo

Overall thoughts, very good looking barrel – especially for the price point. Nice straight options that are center balanced and come in the most popular steel tip weight options (21-24 grams). The same could be said for the soft tip versions – the Orb range has a style that should fit every throwers preference with front, center and rear gripping options.

ORB Purchase Options | A-ZDarts

We always expect to see a new Phil Taylor dart come out every year because they never disappoint his fans! Now on generation 7 drawing inspiration from Taylor’s 16 World Championships and 16 World Matchplay titles evident in the number 16 on the matching flight design. We see a soccer/rugby theme going on the background of his promotional banner and official player shirt this year. 

Phil Taylor Power 9Five - G7 Range | Key Features

The Phil Taylor Power 9-Five Generation 7 shares dimensions from the Generation 4 design, though now features additional CNC milling on the barrel nose. Complimented with a new titanium shaft with heightened grooves and Phil’s signature flight range. The very popular barrel shape is finished with a silver titanium nitride coating and hand sandblasted at the rear and inside the radial grooving to create a distinct matte texture for added grip.

It’s important to note again, that this range features Swiss Point technology and comes with Diamond Pro Swiss Points. If you are unfamiliar with Swiss technology, click the following to watch our Target Darts Swiss Point Interchangeable System review.

Target 2020 Launch - Phil Taylor Gen 7 Promo

Phil Taylor Power 9Five - G7 Purchase Options | A-ZDarts

Five-time world champion Raymond van Barneveld recently decided to come out of retirement and enter the PDC’s Q-School in 2021. The Barney Army should be thrilled to see RVB back in action and to see a new Generation 3 version come out of his barrel. There iHe played with his gold version darts in the World Championships and now we’re black with a fun retro gaming theme here for the RVB G3s.

RVB95 Gen 3 Range | Key Features

Designed to Raymond’s specific requirements, the RVB 95 Generation 3 is inspired by Raymond’s first ever World Championship win and encompasses a combination of Pixel & Nano Grips resulting in a barrel with an excellent level of grip and feel. An overlay of stunning Black PVD Titanium Nitride coating at the rear equips the barrel with long lasting protection and enhanced grip. The dart is completed with Target Pro Grip Shafts and unique RVB G3 Flights.

The RVB95 G3 range features Swiss Point technology and comes with Target’s unique Swiss Firepoint to assist in extra finger grip. If you are unfamiliar with Swiss technology, click the following to watch our Target Darts Swiss Point Interchangeable System review.

Target 2020 Launch - RvB 95 Gen 3 Promo

Raymond van Barneveld RVB95 Gen 3 Purchase Options | A-ZDarts

Rob ‘Voltage’ Cross has a new playing dart certainly fit for a Matchplay and World Champion! Generation 2 is clearly an evolution of his supremely popular Gen 1 darts with added sandblasting on every other ring to create a very cool chrome look to the barrel. They also have pimped out the Gen 2s with Rob’s signature Aqua color painted in the grooves. After all, his Gen 1s helped him win the world championship, so he’s not going to change the overall dimensions and balance profile of the barrels just yet!

Target Swiss Diamond Pro Surge Grip Steel Points - Gold
Target Swiss Diamond Pro Surge Grip Steel Points - Gold

Here we have yet another example of a world champion now using swiss point technology, and in fact Rob has worked directly with Target to design a special swiss point just for himself called the Swiss Diamond (SD) point.

For years Rob has been known to throw a gold point, so there is no surprise that he had his own signature SD point made to be gold and designed to his precise requirements based on how he holds the dart. You can purchase his SD Points in either the standard 30mm length or in the shorter 26mm length.

Rob Cross Voltage Gen 2 | Key Features

Target Darts has introduced an extra weight option for Rob’s Gen 2 steel tip dart. It now comes in 21gram, 23 gram and 25 gram. There is also a soft tip version in 19 grams fully dressed with a white target pixel tip instead of his signature gold.

The Rob Cross Voltage G2 range features Swiss Point technology and comes with Rob’s unique Swiss Diamond gold points. If you are unfamiliar with Swiss technology, click the following to watch our Target Darts Swiss Point Interchangeable System review.

Target 2020 Launch - Rob Cross Gen 2 Promo

Rob Cross Voltage Gen 2 Purchase Options | A-ZDarts

Keane ‘Dynamite’ Barry the 18 year old sensation from Ireland just won the youth world championship last year and has now come out with his first commercial signature Target darts. Hopefully this inspires the rest of Target’s Elite 1 team to continue to do well and win big tournaments since Target is clearly showing that as a brand they can support great success in young dart player’s careers.

Keane Barry Dynamite Gen 1 | Key Features

The Youth World Champion’s exact specifications have resulted in an intricate pixel grip, which combines both axial and radial precision-milled cuts. Only the best for a future star of the game. The barrel is overlaid in a black titanium nitride coating for enhanced protection and a more durable finish. All in all, it’s a beautiful dart with an enhanced grip that we believe will be a crowd favorite.

Keane Barry Dynamite Purchase Option | A-ZDarts

This range is a stunning collection of ‘ink’ tattoo inspired illustrations which were uniquely hand drawn by Adam, Senior Designer at Target Darts. A limited run of stunning wallets and flights in 3 color options are now available: Red, Gray and Blue. As with all limited edition products, we recommend to grab them fast before you lose your chance!

Takoma Ink Dart Case | Key Features

The Takoma’s strong EVA material is used to maintain rigidity and give protection to the darts and accessories within. Inside the wallet, a velvet layer has been added for scratch resistance and a soft feel. Darts can be stored inside the wallet fully assembled and secured with an elastic strap to prevent movement inside. The case also features two accessory pouches and thickness that prevents your flights from being crushed.

Takoma Ink Purchase Options | A-ZDarts

Ink Pro Flights | Key Features


The Ink range also includes a limited run of flights with a similar collection of “ink” tattoo inspired patterns. Each flight incorporates spot UV print to enhance flight to shaft grip.

Flight Options available on A-ZDarts: Blue, White & Red in No.6, Ten-X & Slim (white only).

Flight thickness: 100 Microns

Helpful Info: Dart Flights – Everything You Need To Know

Note: This product is sold in a set of 3.

Ink Pro Flight Options | A-ZDarts

Living up to his nickname, “The Legend”, is never a tough task for Paul Lim who has shaken the soft tip darts world as one of the top players for decades. Originally famous for being the first player to hit a perfect 9-dart finish during the Embassy World Darts Championship back in 1990. Simply put, we cannot talk about soft tip darts without mentioning Paul Lim.

His new range of soft tip barrels come in a 90% tungsten option (Gen 4) and an 80% tungsten option (Gen 3) designed by Target Japan. They both come complete with Pixel Tip Points, Pro Grip Shafts and signature flights.


Paul Lim The Legend Soft Tip Range | Key Features

The never ending pursuit to create the perfect dart for Paul’s throw continues now on generation 4. Crafted from 90% tungsten, the barrel features precision milling to offer an outstanding level of grip and feel and is overlaid in a stunning hand sandblasted coating. The blasting process uses extremely fine particles to create a distinct matte texture which results in enhanced barrel protection and grip. The front of the barrel has been laser etched with Paul’s signature and the iconic lionhead symbol of Singapore.

Also new to the range and endorsed by the PDC Legend, the Paul Lim 80% model features detailed radial grooves and is highlighted with Paul’s signature gold streak of color. Certainly a dart made to stand out from the crowd.

Target 2020 Launch - Paul Lim & Mikuru Suzuki Promo

Paul Lim The Legend Purchase Options | A-ZDarts

2 x BDO World Darts Champion Mikuru Suzuki has taken the women’s game by storm over the last few years after dominating in Japan. She has been playing darts professional for over a decade now, and is one of the most incredible female talents in the sport. Yet another shining example of how strong #TeamTarget is.

Mikuru has a new 47 Japan edition to her playing dart sticking with the extremely high-quality 95% tungsten and is also now offering an 80% tungsten version for her fans – same as Paul. This is always really nice to see a more economic option 


Mikuru Suzuki The Miracle Soft Tip Range | Key Features

Mikuru’s spectacular 95% tungsten dart features precision machined radial grooves and is overlaid in a stunning hand sandblasted coating to enhance grip and create a distinct matte texture. The result is a standout dart that reflects the champion’s unique style.

The Mikuru 80% model features detailed, radial grooves and a barrel highlighted with vivid ‘Mikuru’ Jadeite colored ring sections. The accented rings with her signature color really pop and make for one dazzling dart.

Mikuru Suzuki The Miracle Purchase Options | A-ZDarts

WDF VIrtual Cup 2020 - Mikuru Suzuki vs. Lorraine Winstanley

We had the honor of streaming the WDF Virtual Cup 2020 knockout rounds with our production company USA Darts. Mikuru Suzuki had two featured matches on our stream using her new Signature The Miracle 47 Darts against Lorraine Winstanley (England) and Irina Armstrong (Germany).

The Target 2020 Launch has been a massive labor of love from their team. In spite of Covid 19 preventing their normal traditions during a launch, they managed to bring amazing spirit and passion to the virtual launch with creative videos and design themes for every single product range. 2020 will most definitely be a year like no other for Target.

We got to see 4 major new additions to the Swiss Darts line: 975, Phil Taylor Power 9Five G7, Raymond van Barneveld RVB G3 and Rob Cross Voltage G2 made with Swiss Point technology. Target truly believes in Swiss as a solution to a problem in the darts industry. The lack of flexibility in changing points, although understandable given the manufacturing constraints and the nature of the material, presents several problems for dart players especially for those competing at a professional level. So being able to modify your points on the fly with Swiss Point is breakthrough innovation for Target Darts.

It was amazing to see every single range has it’s own unique look and theme. Target Darts is just so brand-tastic, it’s ridiculous! It was interesting to see what new directions they went in with 97.5% tungsten as an option now with the 975 range, a soft-tip exclusive range designed with soft tip players’ needs in mind and perhaps the greatest Elysian edition yet with the new Japanese inspired design for Gen 6! Everything was so cool this year and we truly hope Target fans have enjoyed the launch as much as we have.

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