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Target Swiss Point Interchangeable System

In September of 2019, Target Darts originally presented the Swiss Point System – a patented locking system technology that uses a taper and hex. Although inter-changeable points are not a new idea, this system puts a new spin on the concept. Target is consistently growing their options of sizes, grip textures, designs and shapes for their patented Swiss Point System. A brand new range of Target Swiss Points called the Swiss Nano was released as apart of their 2021 launch. Target has also increased the size of current ranges to a longer point for smooth, fire point and diamond point in silver, black and gold.

Target Swiss Point Interchangeable System | Review

The 4 major Benefits of the Target Swiss Point System:

The taper goes in and snugs up inside the barrel, so it does not loosen. It’s a technology that has been proven successful in other sports. Target Darts is the first to implement this system in the dart industry.

The Swiss Point system is the perfect backup solution for broken points. You have the ability to change your points according to the board you are playing on, but it offers a real solution to the problem of broken steel points. Should you encounter a broken point, you can quickly fix the problem with a back up set of Swiss Points.

When you change your board – change your points. Protect your home practice board by using the less aggressive smooth points. Then for league or tournament play (where you absolutely need your darts to stick) switch to grip edged points for optimal performance.

The Target Swiss Point System offers a quick, inexpensive and easy way to replace broken points. You only have the cost of the points – no labor. Plus you can replace them on the spot in a pinch! The points have a groove which was placed purposefully as a break point. If the point snaps – it should fail at this spot, which is located far enough from the barrel to allow the wrench to grab the hex. The goal is to prevent points from shearing off at the barrel. Therefore eliminating the problem of expensive point pullers and figuring out how to replace a broken point on your own or finding a professional to do it for you.

Target Swiss Point - Purchase Options

The unique swiss points are available in Five Styles: Smooth, Firepoint, Diamond Etched, Diamond Pro Surge Grip and Nano. All are available in Black, Silver or Gold and in Three Lengths: 26, 30 or 35mm per style.

How to Switch Your Points Out - Target Swiss Point Key

The keyring-sized Swiss Point Tool is all you need to remove and install your points. They are compatible with any Swiss Point dart. A tool is included in all swiss point dart packages, but also sold separately.

Target Swiss Point Key Tool

Target Swiss Point Key Tool

No worries if you lose the swiss point tool that came with your set of SP darts. You can grab an extra anytime!

Target Premium Swiss Point Key Tool

Premium Swiss Point Key

In 2020, Target gave us an upgraded option for a key - the Premium Swiss Point Key made from zinc alloy.

Target Swiss Point

Key Features

Barrels fitted with Target Swiss Point technology

Target Darts offers standard barrel models and signature player barrels that feature the Swiss Point technology in various weights.

Target Swiss Point Summary

Target Darts’ Swiss Point technology is the perfect locking system where the steel point will never come loose. Point options can assist in prolonging the life of your favorite bristle board. Changing a broken point with this system is a no-hassle, quick and user-friendly experience. We are sure to see an expanded line of Swiss Point dart styles as the technology becomes more popular.

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