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Nastri Darts Range | Target 2021 Launch Cover Photo

Target clearly looked at new machining techniques for the Nastri Darts Range as they wanted to offer something different than really anything out there in this price point. The cuts by far being the huge selling point.

Nastri Darts Name Inspiration

Nastri is an Italian word which translates to ‘Ribbon’ in English. It’s one of the more intricate darts we’ve seen at it’s price point and inspired by the metallic ribbons of silver that weave around the Nastri Darts 90% tungsten barrels.

Target Nastri Darts is the A-ZDarts Dart of the Month for October 2021

Nastri Darts Range | Review | Jen Mounts

What's in the video?

Jen Mounts gives you an in-depth review of the Nastri Darts Range by Target. She covers the different manufacturing elements like cuts and coating then the varying grip styles throughout the range. Let’s break down each aspect and elaborate a little:

Cuts - Precision Milled

Nastri Darts are fully CNC machined throughout the barrel.

-CNC Milling Machines Are Used to Create Advanced and Intricate Grip Designs.

It’s rare to see this at an affordable price range, but the Nastri Darts are fully CNC machined throughout the barrel. Usually darts at this price point only offer half of the dart machined in this way, whereas the other half is simply made with radial grooves, cool colors or might have smooth sections to keep manufacturing costs down. The Nastri Darts, however, offer an intricate grip design throughout the entire barrel creating a natural flow and ribbon-like milling path.

Grip - Hand Sandblasted Coating

Nastri Darts have a hand sandblasted coating to offer distinct matte texture feel.

The grooves are sandblasted and then painted a matte gray which contrasts the shiny metallic silver exterior – a really cool looking effect that offers enhanced grip and a distinct matte texture feel.

Visually speaking alone, pictures aren’t enough – the darts look so incredible in person. Nastri reminds us of the feel of the Target Carreras, but enhanced. The Carrera dart gave birth to CNC milling as an engineering milestone within darts all those years ago. Now, Target’s design team were able to push this technology even further creating more refined grip patterns with the Nastri Darts Range, making these barrels suitable for a wider range of players.

Swiss Point

Nastri Darts come equipped with the new Nano Swiss Point (Steel Tip Only)

Each steel tip model in the Nastri darts line-up feature a newly designed Nano Swiss Point.

Exceptional board grip meets the engineering prowess of Swiss Point to complete the barrel. This range is all about beauty AND performance.

If you’re looking for more information on Swiss Point technology click the following to read our blog here – Steel Tip Game Changer: Target Swiss Point.

Weights & Options

There are 6 total options in the Nastri Darts Range (4 steel tip labeled 01-04 and 2 soft tip barrels labeled 10 and 11) with multiple barrel weights for each option. Let’s start by comparing the steel tip 01 & the soft tip 10 since they’re a match.

Nastri 01 & 10 - Rear

Nastri Darts 01 & 10 Full Barrel Closeup
Nastri Darts 01 & 10 Rear Grip Intensity

Both barrels have a really subtle torpedo shape and the only true difference is the front nose section, the steel tip tapers into the Nano Swiss Point and the soft tip has to increase its diameter to meet the 2ba tip. Starting from the rear you have almost perfectly square diamonds with sandblasted grooves cut to separate them and offer a unique feel.

Grip Intensity:

We rate the rear Grip Intensity of the Nastri 01 & 10 barrels a 3 out of 5.

NASTRI 01 & 10 - Center

Nastri Darts 01 & 10 Center Grip Intensity

Then the middle section consists of a much more aggressive sort of cross hatch cut. If you look closely your hands will catch on those sharp protruding points.

We rate the middle section with a grip intensity of 4 ½ out of 5. Someone w/ more calloused hands might give it a lower rating though.

Grip Intensity:

Nastri 01 & 10 - Front

Nastri Darts 01 & 10 Front Grip Intensity

And finally the front goes back to the more spacious drawn out diamonds tapering into more aggressive tightly spaced patterns in the nose.

We rate this front section a grip intensity of 3 ½ out of 5.

Grip Intensity:

NASTRI 02 - Overall

Nastri Darts 02 Grip Intensity

The shape is a subtle round nose torpedo. This variant is the smoothest of all 6 barrels with nice uniform diamonds all the way until the more aggressive nose front.

We rate its grip intensity as a 3 out of 5.

Grip Intensity:

Nastri 03 - Back Half

Nastri Darts 03 Grip Intensity
Nastri Darts 03 Rear Grip Intensity

03 is technically a straight barrel, but tapers the tiniest bit in the rear. The diamond pattern elongates towards the center offering different grip reference points. We rate the rear half with a grip intensity of 3 out of 5.

Grip Intensity:

Nastri 03 - Front Half

Nastri Darts 03 Front Grip Intensity

You’ll notice the mid front section isn’t quite the same pattern as the rest –  where the others had those little sharp points left exposed. Instead, 03 has smaller diamonds that still offer more grip (but not as aggressive as the crosshatch cuts).

We rate the front half with a grip intensity of 4 out of 5.

Grip Intensity:

Nastri 04 & 11 - Back Half

Nastri Darts 04 & 11 Full Barrel Closeup
Nastri Darts 04 & 11 Rear Grip Intensity

This is a straight barrel for the most part, but it does taper in the front and rear slightly. The back half of the dart follows suit with the rest of the range offering a more square diamond pattern. Therefore, we rate the grip intensity of the back half a 3 out of 5.

Grip Intensity:

Nastri 04 & 11 - Front Half

Nastri Darts 04 & 11 Front Grip Intensity

The 04 & 11 variants are the most aggressive of the bunch overall because the cross hatch cut section is the widest on this dart. 

We rate the front half with a grip intensity of 4 ½ out of 5.

Grip Intensity:

What comes with the Nastri Darts

Nastri Darts Box - What Comes Inside
Target Nastri Darts Steel Tip 01

Nastri Darts Range

You can't go wrong with the elegant and sophisticated looking Nastri Darts Range - it's like nothing we've ever seen before.

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Nastri Darts Range - Final Thoughts

I want to emphasize how interesting it is that the Nastri barrels all have intricate cuts throughout the entirety of the barrel. No start and stop sections – no smooth sections. Just pure beauty and madness. It’s a truly elegant and sophisticated looking range.

Something else to note is how gender neutral looking this range is. We think they’ll appeal strongly to anyone out there without even needing color to do so.

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