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Target has designated their Hema Darts as the mid-priced focused range and utilized a wide variety of barrel shapes and cuts to accommodate for most players’ preferences out there. The intricate barrel designs offer a strong, but subtle grip and feel to suit all throwing techniques.

Hema Darts Name Inspiration

The name Hema is derived from a mineral present in iron oxide which is responsible for giving Mars its reddish color. You’ll notice the same color theme in the Hema Darts Range as you have red and black accents along a silver barrel.

Hema Darts Range | Review | Jen Mounts

What's in the video?

Jen Mounts gives you an in-depth review of the Hema Darts Range by Target. She covers the different manufacturing elements like cuts and coating then the varying grip styles throughout the range. Let’s break down each aspect and elaborate a little:

Cuts - Precision Milled

Hema Darts feature nice striking radial grooves colored with red and black offset by small axial cuts.

-CNC Milling Machines Are Used to Create Advanced and Intricate Grip Designs.

You have nice striking radial grooves in certain sections colored with a bold red and black – offset by small axial cuts. There are lots of unique intricate cuts throughout the rest of the barrel.

Grip - PERFORMANCE Coating

Hema Darts various designs offer a strong but subtle grip and feel which suits all techniques and throws.

-Features red performance coating delivering enhanced grip.

The red performance coating of Hema was inspired by the rusty red surface of Mars. Complimented by a single black ring on each barrel, Hema fuses striking looks with surgical precision for the ultimate 90% tungsten package.

Swiss Point

Each steel tip model of Hema features Target’s patented Swiss Point system as they come equipped with Smooth Swiss Points.

Change your point length, style and color in seconds with the pocket-sized Swiss Point tool being all you need to remove and install your points.

If you’re looking for more information on Swiss Point technology click the following to read our blog here – Steel Tip Game Changer: Target Swiss Point.

Weights & Options

There are 5 total options in the Hema Darts Range (3 steel tip labeled 01-03 and 2 soft tip barrels labeled 10 and 11) with multiple barrel weights for each option. Let’s start by comparing the steel tip 01 & the soft tip 10 since they’re a match.

Hema 01 & 10 - Overall

Hema Darts Steel Tip 01 and Soft Tip 10 Grip Intensity

They are straight barrels – center balanced. Starting in the rear, we see those striking red radial grooves and tiny little axial cuts along the silver rings met by a quick smooth section. The center offers a cool almost Greek decorative looking pattern then a micro cut section (the most aggressive part of the dart). Then we finish strong on the front end with a variant pattern along the red radial grooves.

We rate the overall grip intensity of these barrels a 3 out of 5.

Grip Intensity:

Hema 02 & 11 - Overall

Hema Darts Steel Tip 02 and Soft Tip 11 Grip Intensity

The steel tip 02’s smooth rear section is noticeably longer than the soft tip 11 making for an overall longer barrel. Past that rear section, we hit those same cool red and black radial grooves except this time they’re a little more wider spaced. Then in the center we reach a reduced diameter and more aggressive grip section with long red axial cuts throughout. It’s not quite a scallop, but noticeably smaller diameter – so very interesting feel. And we finish off in the front with similar grooves as in the back, but longer more spacious axial cuts and a steep taper on the steel tip version.

Front & Rear:

We rate the grip intensity of the front and rear sections a 3 out of 5.


The middle section is noticeably more aggressive then the rest of the barrel, so we rate the grip intensity a 4 out of 5.

Hema 03 - OVERALL

Hema Darts Steel Tip 03 Grip Intensity

Finally that leaves steel tip 03 as the outlier. We have an interesting and wackier design in the rear as compared to the other barrel options. This would make for a really nice push point for rear grippers with that taper into micro cut. The rest of the dart is also entirely unique to the range since we have angled radial grooves that reverse direction in pairs. We’re giving this barrel an overall grip intensity of 3 out of 5.

Grip Intensity:

What comes with the HEMA Darts

Hema Darts Box - What Comes Inside
Hema Darts Steel Tip

Hema Darts Range

You can't go wrong with the interesting and bold looking Hema Darts Range - a fresh new bulk of options in a very affordable price range for a quality dart.

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Hema Darts Range - Final Thoughts

The Hema Darts Steel Tip 03 variant was personally my favorite. As a rear gripper, I couldn’t wait to try the push point in the back which ended up being very unique and fun to throw. Overall, this is an excellent and affordable range that offers absolutely enough variation to cater to all grip styles and preferences.

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