Fit Point Plus C.C Conversion Points – Soft Tip Darts to Steel!

If you’re a soft tip player interested in dabbling in the world of steel and bristle boards, conversion points can be a very inexpensive gateway into that world without committing to buying a whole separate set of darts right away. You’ll also have the benefit of not changing the weight of your darts when only converting the points (assuming the conversion points are on the lighter side).

On the other hand, if you’re a predominantly steel tip shooter and looking for lighter dart options – a set of soft tip barrels with lighter conversion points might be worth a try. You’ll have the added benefit of experimenting with new point lengths and textures in a flash!

The Fit Point Plus C.C Conversion Points are a new option on the market. As mentioned before, they are designed to convert soft tip darts for steel tip use on a steel tip bristle dartboard (not to be used on a soft tip electronic dartboard). Fit Flight opted for something new since only offering metal conversion points like titanium or stainless steel. We now have a carbon option!


The C.C in the product name stands for Carbon Composite – a material that is durable while remaining very light weight – close to the soft tip plastic points you’re used to throwing. We compared the weight of a single Fit Point Plus Plastic Tip (Soft Tip) to a single CC Conversion Point (25mm) and the weight was nearly identical! The conversion point weighing in at 0.28 grams compared to the plastic/soft tip point’s 0.29 grams.

This is especially beneficial for rear grippers (people who hold the dart towards the back of the dart near the shaft). If you’re a rear gripper, you might not want the center of gravity moving towards the front of the dart with a heavier conversion tip. The barrel and flight combo shown in the examples below are Darin “Big Daddy” Young’s signature setupRear grippers should relish in the fact that switching out their plastic tips for the new Fit Point Plus CC Conversion Points will not change the overall weight of their set up and will not change the balance/distribution of weight they’re used to throwing.

On the other hand, the extra weight from heavier conversion points made of different materials might be okay for front grippers (people who hold the dart towards the front of the barrel near the point) who can feel the weight of the dart throughout all motion of their takeback and follow through. Therefore, front grippers might have a little more flexibility in experimenting with different weights.


One of our favorite features of the conversion points is the barbed tip added to eradicate bounce outs by greatly ensuring a secure landing, grip and hold to the sisal fibers in a dartboard. Fall outs are a darter’s worst nightmare. Great players simply cannot risk having a bounce out during high level competitive play. A lost round or even a single dart falling out could be detrimental. 

It’s important to point out that these conversion points are made extra aggressive at first and wear down to an optimal texture to continue preventing fall outs. They are manufactured purposefully this way vs. being made very smooth at first and wearing down to virtually nothing.

With that said, we recommend throwing your first few handful of throws at unpopular/ non-important numbers on the dartboard. Definitely not the bullseye, any trebles or doubles. Brand new conversion points might pull out a few fibers from your bristle board. 

Set of brand new Fit Point Plus CC Conversion Points vs a set used after a few darts games of 501.
Set of brand new Fit Point Plus CC Conversion Points vs a set used after a few darts games of 501.

Another tip to avoid causing premature wear of your dartboard is to use sandpaper on your brand new conversion points to achieve that smooth release when retrieving your darts from the board.

You can attempt to throw in the outer black ring of your dartboard (assuming you have a dartboard surround or are confident you won’t accidentally poke holes into your walls). However, the sisal is not quite as compact in the outer catch ring vs. the inside of the dartboard. 


Our final tip is to “twist” to remove rather than “pulling” the darts out. In other words, retrieve the darts by pulling with a gentle clockwise motion similar to how you’d want to remove a soft tip dart from an electronic dartboard. We’ve included a video below quickly demonstrating proper technique to remove/retrieve darts from your soft tip dartboard – the same recommendation can be applied to your bristle board.


These conversion points include a Fit Point Plus Tool to loosen and tighten them with ease. To tighten the points, rotate the tool clockwise. To loosen the points, rotate the tool counter-clockwise.

How to tighten your conversion point using the FIt Point Plus Tool
How to loosen your conversion point using the FIt Point Plus Tool

Couple that with a set of o-rings and your darn near guaranteed a secure fit! O-rings are one of the most handy and affordable accessories you can buy. The rubber o-ring at the end of the thread means a tighter, firmer grip of the point to the nose of the dart barrel. 

They come in a pack of 6 for less than $1. Throw 3 on your new fit point plus conversion points and 3 on your shafts screwing into the rear of the barrel. If you wanna know more about o-rings click the following link detailed o-ring blog.


This product is sold in a set of 30 which is 10 total sets of 3 conversion points. You get 2 available lengths to choose from – the shorter 25 mm and longer 30 mm. Keep in mind, the length measurement does not include the thread. The measurement starts at the beginning of the exposed point.

You might be wondering why are they sold in a set of 30 pieces per pack? Although carbon is not as durable as metal, it’s certainly not a durability issue. The Cosmo Darts/Fit Flight brand is incredibly popular and more than likely wanted to keep these conversion points on par with their Fit Point Plus Soft Tip Points – which are commonly purchased in a set of 50 pieces. 

More and more soft tip players have been introduced to steel tip since the onset of the Covid-19 pandemic. Without bars and clubs to frequent and no soft tip electronic dartboard at home, many players have opted to invest in an inexpensive steel tip bristle board. It seems fitting that the new conversion points are sold in a large pack of 30 to accommodate the growing interesting in steel tip darts and demand for supplies to make practice possible and affordable.



Want to know more about Big Daddy? Read our in-depth Darin “Big Daddy” Young Blog.

That concludes our in-depth review of the Fit Point Plus C.C Conversion Points! If you find yourself interested in crossing over to the world of steel tip darts, we highly recommend a pack of these to quickly get started.

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