Discounts & Rewards – All You Need To Know!


In this article we will be clearing up questions someone might have about our discounts & rewards system. These are things like Coupons, Gift Certificates and our Loyalty (Reward) Points program. Each of these discounts and rewards systems offer you the customer the ability to get things at even better deals!


A-ZDarts gif showing where to apply a coupon

A Coupon is a type of discount that requires a code to activate.  Coupons may be used to provide a discount on one item, all items or to add a promotional item to your cart. Coupons may have limitations such as an expiration date, one time use only or other discount restrictions. If you have questions about restrictions /limitations, please call or e-mail for help. As a general rule, coupons are not “stackable”. Meaning, an individual product discount and a store wide discount cannot be used at the same time. Typically, product specific discounts take precedence over store wide discounts.  Again, if you have questions, call or drop us an e-mail. The box for redeeming your coupon code can be found at the top of the second check out page (the Order Summary page).

Gift Certificates

Gift Certificates are essentially viewed as a store credit paid in advance by you or someone else. In order to redeem a gift certificate the user needs to be logged into their user account.  Depending on the initial amount, gift certificates can be a single or multiple use item. If the complete balance of a certificate is not redeemed, the balance will sit in the account user’s ‘Wallet’ (see My Account). Most gift certificate’s code will be displayed as four sets of four characters separated by a hyphen (XxXx-XxXx-XxXx-XxXx).  As such, it is best to copy and paste the certificate number to eliminate any errors when redeeming. Like the coupon code, you can find the “Redeem Gift Certificate” box at the top of the second check out page-the Order Summary page. If you are not signed in, the cart will take you to the sign-in page.  When you are logged in you will see a text field where you can enter the gift certificate code.

A-ZDarts gif showing where to apply a gift certificate code

Upon submission of the code the page will refresh and the gift card balance will show as a deducted amount inside your payment methods section.  You can choose to use a partial or the full amount of the gift certificate balance.  
For purchasing a gift certificate as a gift-please call us for assistance from a store representative. Gift certificates are issued electronically once the sale is verified. We will either issue just the code or an actual certificate that you may print and give to your recipient. Gift certificates are never taxed. If your recipient is in a location subject to sales tax, the tax will be applied at the time of redemption-and only the redeemed amount will be taxed (incase the full amount is not used).

A-ZDarts Gif Showing where to click apply a gift certificate balance

Loyalty Points

Points FAQ’s

Where can I redeem my points?

Points can only be redeemed at checkout on the screen where you select a shipping method.

Why do I not see a button to redeem my points?

There are 3 reasons why you might not see the redeem button.

  1. Your order subtotal is below $25.00 minimum.

  2. You do not have 300 points or more to use.

  3.  You are not logged in to your account.

How much am I earning?

You earn 5% back on purchases (not paid with a gift certificate or loyalty points).  However you will only get points if you are logged in.

Do I have to redeem my points?

No, you can choose to ignore the redeem button and continue to complete your order.  Your points will keep growing.

I see I now have 300+ points after completing my order. Can I use these now against my order?

No.  You can not use points generated from an order on that order.  In other words, the points generated on your current order can only be used for future orders.

I used points on my last order, why is it not giving me the option to use points this order?

There are 3 reasons why you might not see the redeem button.

  1. Your order subtotal is below $25.00 minimum.

  2. You do not have 300 points or more to use.

  3.  You are not logged in to your account.

Where can I see my point balance?

To see your points, go to “My Account” and it will be listed under “Wallet”
If you are logged in already you can click this link.

I overlooked the redeem button. Can I redeem points after completing my order?

No, sorry, we cannot apply points after an order has been completed.  

Loyalty (or reward) Points, like gift certificates, are stored in our database as a store credit. Unlike gift certificates, loyalty points are awarded based on a percentage of purchases completed under one account. Reward points equate to 5% cash back in store credit. Select times of the year, you may take advantage of double point rewards. We announce these special promo times via our e-mail notifications. If you are not already signed up for our email’s then you can sign up below.

Items to note: Reward points may be applied to items already discounted. Points will not accrue on parts of purchases where points were already used. Points are not earned on shipping costs nor can they be used against shipping costs. You must have banked a minimum of 300 points and have a minimum $25.00 order subtotal before you can redeem points. Items returned for a refund that helped “bank” points to your account will have those points deducted off your balance. Because of this, it is possible to have a negative point balance. Point balances may also be redeemed at our retail location (Same restrictions apply).

Your points are automatically added to your account once your order is processed.  To view your points, log in and go to “My Account” in the top right of your screen, or the three horizontal slashes then Account on mobile devices.  Under the Wallet tab you will see “You have x points available to spend”. When making a purchase, if you have at least 300 banked points, your point balance along with a “Redeem” button will show at the top of the Order Summary page during the check out process. Once you select “redeem”, the points will be deducted from your order balance due. If you do not have a minimum of 300 points, the redeem button will not appear. If you have 300+ points, but your order subtotal is not great enough, the cart will suggest you add to your purchase. If you do not click the “Redeem” button the points will continue to bank with your purchase. At this time, the “Redeem” button only allows you to use the entire amount or you can continue to bank your points.

A-ZDarts Gif showing where to click to redeem points

In Conclusion

We hope you have found this article informative. If we have missed any pertinent points-let us know. Always feel free to contact us via phone or e-mail for assistance. Remember to sign up for our e-mail notifications to receive sales and double point information. Plus if you don’t have an account, now is the time to open one and start earning cash back on your purchases! Contact us to link previous purchases to your newly formed account-we’ll even adjust your points for previous orders. Just ask!

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