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Cosmo Darts released a new line of darts called the Cosmo Discovery Label.  They initially launched with 3 player darts from Cosmo Sponsored players that give you a high quality 90% tungsten dart at an affordable price! Our very own Jen Mounts has done a great job on the product review video (featured below) and shows some excellent features on these darts! The players featured are; Darius Labanauskas, David Cameron and Jose Justicia Perales.

What's in the video?

First up is Darius Labanauskas (lab-AH-nos-kiss), and KUDOS to Jen for flawlessly pronouncing his name! Darius competed in the 3 most recent PDC World Championships and made it all the way to the quarter final finish up against MVG in 2020. The colored rings on his barrel represent the Lithuanian flag where Darius is from. The ring cuts are more widespread and have a kind of scallop shape to the indentations between rings for a unique grip. The 52mm length will give you a good amount of room to spread out your grip.

Next is David Cameron of Canada! Can you guess what the colored rings on this dart represent (can someone say theme)? David has been in the game for over 20 years with several BDO world championships and a personal best of last 16 in 2019. His barrel features 90 degree rung cuts perpendicular to the barrel throughout until you hit the rear section. That rear section has a “V” cut with a typical 45-degree reverse or “shark” cut but what isn’t typical, is that it’s cut in both directions. This gives the cut that “V” shape giving you more bite in that grip. These cuts were made for David because he pinches the barrel in the back and gently rests his remaining fingers along the barrel. If you are someone who prefers to support the front of the barrel with a specific pressure point, you will find nice subtle ring cuts in the front. These different cuts make this barrel great for people who prefer a long straight barrel with cuts throughout.

Finally, we take a look at Jose Justica’s soft tip model. Jose qualified for the 2020 PDC world championships losing out in the 2nd round but has had an eventful soft tip career! He has frequented the Dartslive World stages that qualified him for the coveted 2020 Super Darts tournament. This barrel has the same unique “V” cut as David Camerons, but the cuts are in the front because that’s where he grips the barrel. A little different from David’s though you will see a smooth section in the front and middle. That’s because Jose makes a triangle with his grip putting pressure on all sides of the barrel for a strong secure hold. This grip style is popular in Asian darts culture which is huge in the soft tip market.


This brings is to the end of our review of the initial lineup of the Cosmo Discovery Label series. The inspiration behind this line clearly aims to offer the darting community a more affordable line of darts that also pays homage to the places these players come from. The sport of darts seems to grow daily and in constantly being introduced to new places. Someone new to the game from say, Lithuania, may not know who Darius Labanauskas is, but they would likely love to have a set of darts that represents their home. Just as someone from Canada, the U.S. or even Spain would. As other Cosmo darts typically are sold as barrels only, these darts give you an excellent deal and the ability to try Cosmo’s barrels, shafts, and flights all at one competitive price. Which, if you’re new to the sport is an excellent place to start!

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