Colonial V2 Steel Tip Dartboard

Many are unaware that A-ZDarts has its own line of darts, dartboards and accessories under the Colonial Brand. This blog will be featuring our Colonial V2 Steel Tip Dartboard and a video review by our very own Will Stuart. We established our Colonial Brand back in 2016 to offer players inexpensive products that were still made out of quality material. Our main goal is to help new players get into the game without breaking the bank. We also wanted to offer experienced players quality options that are still affordable so they can continue to practice, experiment and fine tune their darts game.

My greatest takeaway is the lack of bounce outs that I directly contribute to the board's softness. I encourage players to not be scared of the affordable price, since the Colonial Dartboard is excellent to put serious practice hours in.

Will Stuart
Colonial Dartboard Steel Tip V2


Our in-house affordable dartboard made out of quality sisal.

What's in the video?

Will Stuart gives you a quick review of our house brand Steel Tip Version 2 Colonial Dartboard. He covers a few aspects of the board like it’s brand, affordability, durability and bounce outs. Let’s break down each aspect and elaborate a little:


Our in-house Colonial brand has evolved a lot over the years. Today we have nearly 100 different barrels in store and online, but this article is featuring our V2 Colonial Dartboard of course. We wanted to make sure we had a quality steel tip dartboard in our lineup to offer players of all skill levels a decent steel tip board that can handle long practice hours.


One of the most common things we've noticed online is many players voice they are scared to purchase steel tip dartboards in a lower price range. They assume because of it's affordable price, the board won't be made of quality sisal or won't last long after serious play. Although the Colonial Dartboard is not the pinnacle of dartboard technology or innovation, it is still made of finely wound, 1st grade Kenyan sisal. You will recognize instantly that this is a serious board option despite it's lower cost compared to the best name brands out there.


After 4-6 hours of practice per week for a month straight, he elaborates on how well this board held up overtime. After about a week, he noted he still did not feel he needed to rotate his board. We believe durability plays a very important role for players of all skill levels. Therefore, the Colonial Dartboard is an excellent choice for beginners, experienced players and bars/leagues that are in need of an affordable board that will last a decent amount of time.


Bounce outs are a dart player's worst nightmare during competitive play! The Colonial Dartboard combats the chance of bounce outs by offering a 100% staple free wiring system. This allows for a wider scoring area. Most players almost immediately notice that our board is a touch softer than other popular brands and have voiced they experienced less bounce outs. In Will's video review, he noted that he directly contributed his lack of bounceouts to the board's softness. 


Final Thoughts

We hope by featuring our in-house dartboard, less and less customers will assume this affordable option is be subpar in quality. Instead, we truly believe our Colonial Dartboard is an excellent option for serious dart players that put in tons of practice hours. It is especially the perfect option for bar owners/league coordinators who need to replace bulk dartboards overtime.


After 20 hours of practice on the Colonial Dartboard, I was thoroughly surprised by it's durability. This board is a winner for both new and experience dart players looking to put some serious practice hours in.
William Stuart of USA Darts Production
Will Stuart
Goddard, KS

Products SEEN in this video

Colonial Dartboard Steel Tip V2
Colonial V2 Steel Tip Dartboard
Target Danny Baggish Darts
Target Danny Baggish Darts
USA Darts Production Jersey
USA Darts Production Jersey

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If you are enjoying our in-house Colonial Brand and rocking the Colonial Dartboard, don’t forget we have our own line of Dartboard Surrounds too! We have various colors to choose from below:

Atomic Darts Review of the Colonial Dartboard

Huge thank you to Matt Harper and his Youtube Channel Atomic Darts for taking a quick look at our Colonial Dartboard. His channel reviews darts supplies across the board and he also hosts a special segment called Coffee and Darts where he discusses all things related to the darts industry and interviews darts players.

Coffee & Darts Jerseys

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