Championship Darts Circuit: A Bright Future – 2019 Review

A new year is upon us and although it has not started off great we can expect great things from the Championship Darts Corporation (CDC).  The CDC plans on pushing ahead with home streamed events.  This could not come at a better time as most of us are in Covid 19 lock-down and need entertainment (other than the Netflix’s Tiger King).

The current schedule is located on Championship Darts Facebook here.  While we wait for the next event, we can pass the time by looking at last year’s events.  Listed below is a collection of all streams covering CDC 2019, along with articles published by Tom Beresford on each event.


Weekend #1 - Philadelphia

Weekend #2 - Ontario Canada

Weekend #3 - Illinois

Weekend #4 - Ontario Canada


Event #6 - Illinois

Event #7 - Chicago

Event #8 - Chicago

2019 Continental cup

Colonial V2 Steel Tip Dartboard | A-ZDarts In-House Brand
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Jen Mounts

Colonial V2 Steel Tip Dartboard

A-ZDarts In-House Colonial Dartboard Many are unaware that A-ZDarts has its own line of darts, dartboards and accessories under the Colonial Brand. This blog will be

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