Shot – The Bandit and Bandit Duro

Back in 1992, Shot darts revolutionized steel tip dartboards with the first bladed bristle board. Today they’re updating their original recipe for success. As a result of years of player experience and manufacturing knowledge Shot came up with two different versions of the Bandit so you can select the best board that fits your throw, environment, and gear. 

The segments use brighter eco-friendly inks, tested under multiple lighting systems, making the board bright and visible without being harsh or distracting. The steel number ring was updated as well. While the numbers themselves are still white, the outer ring is now black giving more contrast and making it easier to see and focus on the numbers. The number ring is a clip on-clip off system for ease of rotating the board.

Both the Bandit and Bandit Duro are made with premium self-healing African sisal conditioned for high durability. Shot continues to use the finest razor wire which is approximately 50% thinner than other boards and 100% staple free. Meaning larger play area, virtually no bounce-outs, and higher scores.  It’s for these reasons that the Bandit is the board of choice for the Championship Dart Circuit (CDC).

Both boards come with a tape measure, U-Bracket, foam wedges, and a cardboard stabilizer. The puck style mounting bracket makes for quick and easy installation and rotation. The innovative cardboard backing and foam wedges are used for stabilization and sound dampening – making the Bandit and Bandit Duro the quietest steel-tip boards on the market. 

So the big question is which board should you choose? Shot wants you to carefully select your board the way you would select your darts; get something that fits you. Consider your throw, your environment, and your gear when selecting a board.

The Bandit is made with medium packed sisal and would endure well in humid environments where the sisal may expand and relax. This would be my recommendation for anywhere NOT temperature controlled like a garage or outside. It might last longer if you avoid textured grooved points which pull out the sisal. 

The Bandit Duro is made with hard packed sisal and should do well in temperature controlled climates. It proves to respond better to aggressive textured points that can pull out sisal. 

Much like Shot branded darts, the new Bandit and Bandit Duro are a balanced blend between years of manufacturing knowledge, player experience, and innovative technologies. 

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Bandit | Bandit Duro

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