8-Flight, Used by Champions

8 Flight banner showing how the system spins to connect the flight to the shaft.

Made in Japan. Used by Champions. 8-Flight is a brand new flight system designed to shake up the molded flight market. The big picture for 8 Flight is no more pop-offs and ease of use. No matter how you hit it your flight is staying on the shaft. Screw-on flights have been done before, but other systems have been too fragile or too complex to be competitive with other molded flight systems. 8-Flight’s careful design and construction makes it easy to use and very durable. A main problem for some screw-on flights was threads being stripped, but 8-Flight solved this by using thicker, more coarse, threads that dig deeper to hold on tighter. Unique to 8-Flight, even with the screw-on design, spinning shafts are available. If you need to remove the flight just pull the flight as you twist to line the threads back up and remove the flight. The flights and shafts are durable while remaining lightweight. We’ve tried to break the 8flight shaft with everything shy of an axe and a sledge hammer and these things are sturdy.

Coming Soon, from 8-Flight

Currently 8-flight’s selection is fairly limited, offering Standard and shape flights in 3 colors and normal locked and spinning shafts in 3 colors as well. We’re excited to see 8-Flight’s selection of product expand to be as colorful and vibrant as they are as a brand. 8-Flight has shown off their ability to make beautiful flights like Haruki Muramatsu’s “Rising Sun” Flights which he throws on a slim shaft, both of which are coming soon. I’m personally excited for the clear 8-Flight as it shows off the threads of the shaft. Even more exciting though are the hints of new Flight shapes. We look forward to their expansion. 

It’s hard to not notice 8-Flight has been sponsoring players; picking up Paul Lim, Haruki Muramatsu, and quite a few others, including two of our sponsored players Stacey Pace and Johnny Lackey.  

All-in-all, 8-Flight as a company is a bright and colorful brand making an impact on molded flight systems and darts as a whole. 8-Flight as a product is a simple, durable system that just works. No extra parts. No pop-offs. Screw the flight onto the shaft and the shaft on the dart and that’s it. You’re good to throw.

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Free 8 Flight Swag

The 8 Flight North American Weekly Checkout Contest concluded. The contest was sponsored by Target, Magic Darts Inc, and Dart Connect. Qualifying winners from Canada and the USA won free product.
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